Creating Memorable Ceremonies

I’m Craig Batchelor. I’m thirty-seven years young with a lust for life. I happily call Sydney and the Central Coast of NSW home and have a great love for the ocean and outdoors. I also love love. How good is this thing that makes you talk in a dorky voice saying things you swore you’d never say. I’m pretty passionate about how much I love love which is why I became a celebrant. Your story – and your love – is like none that have come before and so your wedding day should beam and scream you, which I would love to create

I’m a young, vibrant, and fun loving Sydney based Marriage Celebrant who LOVES a velvet jacket and a bow tie! The most important thing you need to know is that I love LOVE & I will bring all the feels to your ceremony!

I became an authorised Marriage Celebrant for two reasons because I love love and because it gives me an excuse to constantly top up my velvet jacket, bow tie and pocket square collection.


Where It All Started

As a Marriage celebrant, MC & wedding industry professional, I know what couples want in a Marriage Celebrant. I also know what they don’t want too. They want someone who is organized, fun and warmly energetic, without being over the top. Someone who takes the time to get to know the couple personally whilst behaving respectfully and professionally. Someone who cares about the love, fun, and commitment they share and this will reflect in the marriage ceremony of the couple. What they don’t want is someone who arrives late, is generally unorganised, reads off a script, forgets peoples names, tells awkward jokes, and bombs all of your beautiful wedding ceremony photos.

I became a marriage celebrant because I get so much enjoyment from being an integral part of the biggest occasion in the lives of people I get to know well, and now call friends. I’m grateful for each opportunity to work with a couple, and together we will ensure that your ceremony is unique, thoughtful, sincere, moving and fun. Kind of like falling in love all over again!


Being a Celebrant fills me with excitement by being a small, but integral part of the biggest occasion in the lives of people I get to know well, and now call friends. I’m grateful for each opportunity to work with a couple, and together we will ensure that your ceremony is unique, thoughtful, sincere, moving and fun. Kind of like falling in love all over again. The ceremonies I create will have your family and friends still talking, laughing and crying about it at your Diamond Wedding Anniversary.

As you’ve probably gathered, I’m not your average Marriage Celebrant, and I won’t arrive at our first meeting with a bunch of generic readings I found online. I’m here to help you create your dream wedding. Whether it's a fun, personal, heartfelt or more creative style of wedding that you're looking for, I am here to guide you through the process, legal aspects and make planning your special day effortless. Creating dream weddings is a skill. I draw upon my many years of experience in the corporate world as an MC, and events management roles combined with a passion for public speaking, an eye for detail and a little flair.


I love meeting couples and unearthing your shared stories, heartfelt moments and your love for one another.

Throughout the preparations and on your wedding day, I bring a friendly mix of experience, warmth and life to make your day memorable for you and your guests.


I look forward to hearing from you and getting to know you better as we plan your perfect ceremony

Much Love

Craig xx






Now the fun begins.

Your wedding is a big occasion in the story of your romance, so allow me to make it truly your own. I’ve been fortunate enough to be involved in weddings of every kind with people from every walk of life, giving me an insight into all the different ways people celebrate their love. Whoever you are and whatever you’re planning, I’d love to be involved.

I love LOVE, I love everything about it and seeing the love between a couple and presenting that to an audience gives me so much enjoyment. I am young, fresh, energetic and everyone's best friend. On your wedding day I'm the friendly face helping to calm your nerves and make sure your ceremony runs smoothly.

Couples choose me because they want their ceremony to be energetic, meaningful and on point. It’s pretty special to be involved in someone’s Wedding Day and I take it seriously, making sure its fun and full of smiles.

I hope you will choose me too and together we can create your perfect wedding!

Mathew and Sinead wedding 02.jpeg

"As soon as I seen you, I new a grand adventure was about to happen"




Alex and Lauren wedding 16.jpeg

Craig was absolutely amazing. He went above and beyond in ensuring our ceremony was original and made us feel extremely comfortable in all our meetings and even more so on the day. Craig left a lasting impression on our guests, with people asking us following our wedding about Craig. If we could do it all over again with Craig as our celebrant, we would not have changed a thing.

Alex and Lauren

Adam and Caitlin wedding 04.jpeg

Craig was an amazing celebrant who prepared everything for us in the lead up with a lot of attention and detail, and was so helpful and calm. Our ceremony was so beautiful, romantic, personal and heart-felt, it couldn’t have been more perfect. We had nothing but positive reviews from our guests and we are so happy that he was able to marry us. Words cannot express how grateful we are for making our Wedding Day complete and perfect.  Many, many thanks. Adam and Caiti

Adam and Caiti

Jacko and Rach wedding 10.jpeg

Craig is excellent! He married us in April 2019. Craig travelled to meet with us month's before the wedding getting to know us and help us with our vows. He was professional with wanting to know all the details of the ceremony and making flow, he cares a lot and has such a kind nature. Thanks again Craig! Rach+Jacko

Jacko and Rach

Sam and Molly wedding .jpeg

Craig is an absolute dream celebrant to work with. Thank you for going to so much effort to capture and present the love we felt for each other to all our beautiful family and friends. You filled our ceremony full of warmth, happiness and light heartedness (with a few tears in between) we are overwhelming grateful. Sam and Molly

Sam and Molly

Alex and Anna wedding 03.jpeg

Craig is a wonderful celebrant. He was really flexible and together we created the perfect ceremony for us. His calm manner was needed and appreciated, but he was still able to fully take control of a large group at our rehearsal and ensured everyone knew what they needed to do. Everything went flawlessly.

Alex and Anna

Mat and Sinead.jpg

There is no better celebrant and MC out there than you. Thank you so much for everything you did for us. We could not have wished for a better ceremony. You made us feel so relaxed and comfortable knowing you had it all under control. Our guests are still talking about how much fun you are. Our ceremony was personalised and perfect just for us! Thank you again. We will never forget it. Mat and Sinead

Mathew and Sinead

Bec and Tim.jpg

Craig went above and beyond for us. We wanted simple and he provided that but ensured it was personal and warm. We can not thank him enough as he really did help to make the day special.

Tim and Bec

Deepak and Velentina wedding 06.jpeg

Craig was our celebrant on 21st Feb, 2020 and we could not have been more than happy with Craig and his services. He was professional yet caring and supportive. Craig helped us right from the moment we spoke to him first, helped us understand the process and the requirements while being adjustable to our needs and desires. He created an event full of moments for us which we never could have imagined without him. The event yet simple turned out so beautiful that all our guest fell in love with it. Craig ensured we were comfortable and calm even in the midst of the chaos of the day. Going out of his way , he made sure our first drink was a moment to remember. We would definitely recommend Craig and his services if you want your day to be perfect. Thank you Craig. With Love Deepak and Velentina

Deepak and Velentina



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Helpful Information



How long before our wedding must we sign our forms?

Your Marriage Celebrant must receive a completed Notice of Intended Marriage form at least one month before the wedding. You can give it to your celebrant up to eighteen months beforehand and it still remains valid during that period. Contact me discuss your Notice of Intended Marriage form 


Can we have our wedding sooner than the 1 month waiting period?


Prescribed authorities, which are usually at your Local Court or Registry officials can shorten the required period of notice if they are satisfied that the circumstances prescribed in the Regulations are met.
There are five categories of circumstances set out in the Regulations.

  • Employment–related, or other travel commitments

  • Wedding or celebration arrangements, or religious considerations

  • Medical reasons

  • Legal proceedings, and

  • Error in giving notice.

Shortening of time is not automatic. Contact me to discuss shortening of time and how I can help you. 


What documents do I need to provide?


Your original Birth Certificates and a current photo ID or a passport are required for both parties. If you don't have a birth certificate then just a passport and current photo ID is sufficent. 

If either of you have been previously married, then you must provide evidence of the termination of the marriage. This can be in the form of an original of your final divorce papers or a Death Certificate (if you have been widowed).

Please ensure that all the documents you provide are the originals, and if the originals are not in English, then a qualified interpreter (NAATI interpreter desirable) must have translated them.


Can we have a surprise wedding?


You can’t have a surprise wedding for your intended spouse. Both of you need to be fully aware that you are getting married.

However, you can have a surprise wedding for your guests. 


How do we choose the right Celebrant?


Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime moment - you want it to be perfect, and finding the right celebrant that fits your vision for the ceremony is absolutely critical.  The only way to find the perfect celebrant is to contact them and meet with them in person, starting with celebrants that have websites, media and recommendations that resonate with you.

Don’t settle for a celebrant that you’re not comfortable with.  A good celebrant will:

  • Inform you of the legalities of a civil marriage

  • Explain all the paperwork required

  • Give you plenty of ideas and tips for planning before your big day

  • Listen to your ideas and seek to integrate them into your wedding ceremony

  • Make sure your wedding day is memorable and stress free.

In terms of my experience as a wedding celebrant, I can offer couples a fresh, youthful and personable approach to wedding celebrations.  My speciality is being able to customise and tailor ceremonies that will reflect the unique personalities of the couple.  


How far in advance can we/should we book a celebrant


I recommend booking your celebrant as early as 18 months before your intended wedding date.  Twelve (12) months prior to your wedding date is the recommended minimum time to book your celebrant.  By law, the latest you lodge your intention to marry is one calendar month before your wedding.


How much input can we have for our ceremony?


I encourage as much input from all my couples for their ceremony - after all it is your wedding!  The Australian Marriage Act 1961 has a few legal requirements that must be said in the ceremony, but other than this, I am more than happy to incorporate your ideas, and involve whomever you want in your ceremony.  


What if we don't know what we want in our ceremony?


If you are unsure of what to include in your ceremony, I am here to provide plenty of ideas, suggestions and resources!  I will guide you through the process and discuss what works and what doesn’t so that we create a memorable ceremony that is unique and tailored to reflect both your personalities as a couple.


Should we have a plan B wet weather option?


Yes, if your ceremony is going to be outdoors.  I highly recommend a Plan B option in the event of poor weather to take away the stress and last minute panic.  Ensure that your alternative venue is indoors.


Should we have a rehearsal?


Yes, I highly recommend a rehearsal preferably 1-2 weeks from the big day.  A rehearsal will help to ensure your actual wedding day is as stress free and enjoyable as possible.  I attend the rehearsal as part of my standard fee.  

A rehearsal allows everyone involved in the wedding ceremony to run through the placement and roles of people; to get an idea of how the music and microphone system will sound; and to go through the ceremony to get a feel for how long it will take.  Also, the rehearsal would be an ideal time for the couple to sign a Declaration confirming that there is no legal impediment to your marriage.  Please note that if it is not possible to do the rehearsal at your intended venue, an ideal alternative would be a place that resembles the characteristics and size of the actual venue.  


How will I obtain my official Marriage Certificate


No need to worry about this. I will register and order your official marriage certificate with Birth Deaths and Marriages on your behalf within 24 hrs of the ceremony taking place. Once I receive it I will then post it to you. 

Check out my page with Celebrant Connect Australia


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